Hard Drive Recovery


Recover files that were lost because of hard drive problems


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Hard Drive Recovery is a tool aimed at users with an average level of computer knowledge, who have lost files because of a damaged hard drive, and who need to recover them.

The application was designed to be particularly simple, and to make this task easy. In fact, as soon as you open it, an assistant guides you, step by step, through everything you have to do, which are 4 steps in total: selecting the hard drive that you want to recover, scanning, and once it's done, choosing the files you want to recover.

One great advantage about the application is that it's not only really easy to use, but also pretty powerful, so even by doing the quick scan (which takes a lot less time than the full scan), you can recover almost any file that you deleted by accident or because of a hard drive problem.

Hard Drive Recovery is a really good program for recovering files; it can get you out of trouble if you just take a little over five minutes to use it.

The trial version lets you see a preview of the files you can recover, but it doesn't let you recover them.

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